Carnival Freak Show

Carnival Freak Show

Carnival Freak Show

a theatre group that specialises on old-fashioned sideshow acts from carnivals, freak shows, burlesque, variety shows, and vaudeville! This firm, which was founded in 2001, has over 20 incredible performers, including The World's Youngest Professional Knife Thrower (who is only 10 years old and performs alongside his sister, who is 8 years old), and it offers over 40 various performances.
With performances at almost every type of event and location, including fairs and festivals, amusement parks and haunted attractions, tattoo shows and biker rallies, theatres and nightclubs, colleges and universities, concerts, historical events, private parties, public spectacles, corporate events, trade shows, and more, this company has proven its mettle as a headliner, show opener, and grounds act. Equally at home in a boardroom or a biker club, in front of both a sophisticated and rowdy audience.
full of captivating sights, seductive performers, and humour that holds the audience's attention. The programme has a voice that is reminiscent of a bygone period and is directly from American folklore. The gloomy vaudevillian spectacular draws viewers in time and time again.
The performers in this company's roughly 40 acts include: "Fakir," who does sword swallowing, bed of nails, and pincushion;
To believe in the more extreme mystic techniques of thought over matter, first observed in the Far East, one must witness them in person.
Excellent for Halloween haunted events and tattoo conventions.
If you're interested in an adventure on the high plains or the high seas, visit those exhilarating days of yore with our highly accomplished practitioners of these classic disciplines. Western Arts/Pirate - knife throwing, bullwhip cracking, and sword duelling
Our practitioners of the necromantic arts will shock and amaze you with their close-up magic, card and coin tricks, and giant box illusions. From easy sleight of hand to mind-boggling trickery, in ethereal robes or a tuxedo!
Acrobats, aerialists, and contortionists in a circus display incredible technical prowess, strength, balance, and incredible physical control both in the air and on the ground.
Cirque-type Acts: Fire-dancers, Stilt Walkers, and Jugglers; Whether viewed up close or from a distance, these vibrant performers' particular abilities add something unique to every event.
beautiful women performing burlesque with unique dances and outrageous outfits;
Nothing attracts greater attention to a stage, booth, or event than attractive women dressed outrageously! All ages gathering No issue; our dancers can stay hidden.
Keynote speakers, masters of ceremonies, and pitchmen (and women) are all talkers;
The perfect talker may make any event run more efficiently, get people interested in a new good or service, or make a point to onlookers who are paying close attention. No matter what your needs are, we have the ideal talker for you.
Carnival stunts like eating a lightbulb and a fire, which were once commonplace on circus and carnival sideshows all throughout the country, are all designed to astound and shock.
human anomalies, including giants, genetic freaks, and little humans;
Meet in person those who are not like others! We can connect you with genuine genetic freaks like Lobster Boy, Wolf Boy, giants, or little people, as well as self-made freaks like tattooed individuals and gaffed (fake) freaks like a bearded woman and conjoined twins.

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