Casanova Themed Venetian Casino

Casanova Themed Venetian Casino

Casanova Themed Venetian Casino

Are you looking for a new spin on entertainment with a masquerade theme? Our Casanova-themed Casino, which offers a choice of real Venice casino games that can be adjusted to fit different party sizes, is the ideal complement to a masquerade ball. A masquerade ball will have a new component thanks to our Venetian casino games. Not only do our real Venice casino games make stunning photo props and backdrops, but they also spark conversation among guests and work wonders as an icebreaker.
The Venetian casino games that are available to rent are a new type of interactive masquerade-themed entertainment that fits any event with a Venetian theme.
A picture or drawing of an animal, person, flower, fruit, or other object can be found inside each box. Each participant wagers money on a predetermined box, and a random object is drawn; if the object and drawing match a predetermined box, the player wins. The board for this Venetian casino game measures 150 cm by 100 cm and has velvet borders. It is divided into 80 boxes.
The Biribissi Game
This casino game with a Casanova theme is regarded as the forerunner of roulette. Participants in this 18th-century game select a ball to open; if the ball matches a figure or number on the adjacent board, which has 36 numbered boxes and figures, they win. Despite the fact that a number of variables might alter your chances, the luck of the draw will have your visitors channelling their competitiveness, whether it's black or red, right or left, or up and down.
Classic Card Games
Without a variety of card games, including well-known black jack, played on vintage cards from the 18th century, a casino with a Casanova motif would fall short.
Venice, Mea
This straightforward but compelling game is ideal for a masquerade celebration, and an actual Venice casino wouldn't be complete without one. Around a wheel with an arrow, artwork adorn a wooden table. Participants must decide which painting they want to risk their money on before spinning the arrow and praying it lands on their choice.
Players can converse and get to know one another while playing these highly interactive Venetian casino games, which helps to strengthen bonds and communication between players while they compete to earn more gambling money. Look at our Venetian Costumes and Props if you want to design a casino that is genuinely representative of Venice.
Booking Advice
A masquerade ball package that includes a casino with a Casanova theme, props, decorations, and a mask-making station may be ordered.
Venetian casino games are also effective as a memorable team-building exercise or as a corporate incentive.
Participants receive a packet of vintage coins to use for gambling.
The croupiers have a theme.
winners' prizes
Speak with one of our entertainment coordinators, who will go through your selections and assist you in scheduling our Casanova-themed casino for your upcoming masquerade ball, to learn more about our authentic Venice casino games or other masquerade-themed entertainment.

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