Champagne Tasting Workshop

Champagne Tasting Workshop

Champagne Tasting Workshop

With our Champagne Tasting Workshop, delight your gathering by providing a singular experience! Our exclusive tasting workshop is the best option for your personalised entertainment in Paris and is promoted as the ultimate team-building activity for your team incentive trip.
Our luxurious tasting workshop will let your visitors fully immerse themselves in the world of Champagne. Your group will have the exceptional chance to deepen their comprehension of Champagne. We host private Grower Champagne Tastings where one of our winemakers presents their decadent products in a special and informed way. presented as a wonderful chance to engage in a meaningful conversation with our Champagne producer in a cosy setting.
Taste buds will be delighted by our specialised Champagne Tasting Workshop. Visits to our Champagne boutique and cellar will be sure to leave a lasting impression, ensuring that your corporate entertainment stands out. Discover the various facets of grower Champagne, learn about the various grape varieties, regions, and vinification process, and engage in the craftsmanship of artisan winemakers. Each bottle of Champagne comes with a descriptive leaflet that provides information on the wine and suggestions for bringing out its best flavours.
An engaging champagne tasting experience for your company is provided in the St. Germain neighbourhood of Paris. For your team incentive trip, we recommend our tasting session as a unique team-building exercise.
Our intuitively created tasting lesson offers a wonderful window into the Champagne industry and a genuine taste of Parisian culture.
"Cheese & Champagne"
With our tasting workshop, learn which cheeses and champagne go best together. As they sample three champagnes from three terroirs and three grape varietals, let your guests enjoy the paring of the lovely cheese scents. A tasting of absolute ecstasy lasting an hour! Workshop in oenology
Each of the four champagnes in this tasting class represents one of the four main terroirs of Champagne. Invite your guests to learn about the unique characteristics of champagne, such as the producer, climate, soil, exposition, and grape varietals. Your party will have the opportunity to fully engross themselves in our thought-provoking hour-and-a-half tasting.
Intuitive Workshop
The best workshop for Champagne enthusiasts! Come participate in some special group sensory experiences and learn more about your sense of taste. You will learn the technique of tasting some excellent artisan Champagnes in a sensory analysis session, learning to be scientific when tasting. As you evaluate your guests' visual, olfactory, and aromatic qualities, provide them the opportunity to learn specialised words. Additionally, develop your ability to recognise flavours, aromatic finishes, textures, and pairing possibilities. Practical Advice
1 to 1.5 hours long
a maximum of:
$25 for champagne and cheese
Workshop in oenology - $18
Sensory workshop - 18
What is provided: Three champagnes with cheese
Workshop in oenology with four champagnes
handmade champagnes available at a sensory workshop.
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