Chinese String Puppet Show

Chinese String Puppet Show

Chinese String Puppet Show

Since 2006, China has recognised the traditional Chinese string puppet play, which has been around for more than 200 years, as a national treasure. This performance of Chinese folk art typically has no words, is aesthetically captivating, and can be viewed by any audience anywhere in the world.
Traditional string puppets are made of wood and painted in vibrant hues. Chinese puppet shows feature the puppeteers on stage as well, in contrast to many puppet shows in western culture. The things the puppeteers can get the string puppets to do will hardly believe you. They almost seem to give them life! anything from biking, dancing, and walking to callingigraphy and eating. A kid-friendly monkey character is another option that you have. If you want to witness the puppet writing calligraphy, just watch the video. The puppeteers' outstanding expertise will really impress the attendees at your event.
For children's entertainment at birthday parties, celebrations, fetes, and cultural events all around China, the string puppet show is highly well-liked. The puppeteers can perform up to three shows per day, each lasting 20 minutes. Ideal if your event will have a sizable attendance. Consider the string puppet performance for festivals, shopping centres, and other locations that need family-friendly or kid-friendly entertainment.
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