Christmas Music Trivia Video

Christmas Music Trivia Video

Christmas Music Trivia Video

What can I anticipate from the virtual Christmas music game, question 1? This is an optional experience that should be scheduled along with the Virtual Showband: Fire & Ice, one of Germany's top event bands. With its selection of traditional Christmas songs, it is ideal for virtual Christmas events, online Christmas gatherings, and Zoom parties. We advise dividing distant participants into two groups. At certain intervals during a set of songs, the band will abruptly cease playing. Teams can buzz in to continue singing the lyrics after they stop. If they do so successfully, they receive a point; if not, the opposing team has the chance to steal those points by singing the words correctly. The winning team is the one with the most points after five to seven rounds. The band will continue to perform a 15-minute session of holiday favourites after the game. 2. Is this video game programme on the internet live or recorded? This experience can be presented as a video file that has been pre-recorded or live. A separate fee will be charged for the live performance to cover the cost of the local studio. In light of this, the pre-recorded alternative is the most economical one. Please take note that if selecting the pre-recorded option, it is the client's or virtual event host's responsibility to press play and pause at the appropriate times, halting the music so that attendees can sing. 3. How long is the Christmas trivia game played online? 20 minutes or so of gameplay, followed by 15 minutes of only music. 4. Can the online game be modified? Yes, our virtual musicians can customise the experience by including team shout-outs during the live performance and a company logo in the video.5. How many people can participate? We suggest separating visitors into two teams. Depending on the platform you choose for your virtual Christmas party, the number of attendees will vary. For instance, Zoom has room for up to 100 individuals.

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