Cocktail Making Experience – Cocktail Workshops Spain

Cocktail Making Experience – Cocktail Workshops Spain

Cocktail Making Experience – Cocktail Workshops Spain

For cocktail aficionados and large groups of coworkers or friends looking to try something new together, our Cocktail Making Experience is the perfect group cocktails lesson. Everyone who participates will be able to have some fun and eventually drink with other participants while also learning the fundamentals of mixing a cocktail.
Participants in this group drinking class will be separated into different teams and given all the tools they need to complete the tasks. Participants will be given cocktail shakers, gloves, and different decorative objects as new tools. They will be taught how to utilise various tools and what ingredients are frequently used when making delectable beverages like Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, or Mojito.
Teams will also be permitted to develop fresh cocktail concepts using novel ingredients like eggs, saffron, or artichokes. All participants will try each team's products at the conclusion of this unique team-building game involving drinks before deciding which team deserved to win.
These kinds of cocktail workshops offer a wonderful chance for people to put their creativity to the test as well as other abilities like teamwork and decision-making. People from various divisions within a company may establish connections and get to know one another better through this team-building session over drinks.
The cost of this team-building workshop with beverages includes everything listed below:
Booking a venue (if needed)
the tools and supplies required for the activity
transporting all required supplies and materials
assembly and disassembly of all apparatus
trained, uniformed personnel
Decorational items like banners (if required)
1,000 watt loudspeaker
Medals for successful teams
Would you like to reserve this cocktail-making experience for a social gathering with coworkers or friends? Then get in touch with us right away and ask to talk with a coordinator. They will be more than pleased to assist you in making your reservation.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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