Comedy Drinks Experts – Book Drinks Themed Entertainment | UK

Comedy Drinks Experts – Book Drinks Themed Entertainment | UK

Comedy Drinks Experts – Book Drinks Themed Entertainment | UK

Award-winning comedians and drink writers make up our team of hilarious Comedy Drinks Experts. With the slogan "drink less, drink better," they hope to enlighten the public about history while also providing advice, insightful knowledge, and amusing facts. The two comedians are able to deliver a variety of drinks-based corporate entertainment, including tailored tastings across all drink categories, comedic hosts for any kind of drinks-themed event, and an hour-long comedy performance with sketches, stand-up, and audience involvement.
Numerous events for the beverage business have been hosted by the Comedy Drinks Experts, including the Cocktail Awards and the Bar Awards. They have successfully organised drink-themed events for prestigious law firms, banks, beverage manufacturers, and other business clients over the past ten years. This also covers lectures and tastings at significant culinary and music festivals. The comedians are funny and appeal to a wide range of people.
In addition to hosting a wide variety of alcohol tastings, these highly skilled comedians also provide special training sessions for top pub and bar organisations. According to the client's preferences, the tastings can be themed around certain beverages or brands or seasonal occasions.
The Comedy Drinks Experts are a sensation at the Edinburgh Fringe, and many famous people and public figures like their performances. A funny time-traveling adventure through our beverage-fueled past is part of their most recent show, which is also free for the audience.
These two comedians, who are each in their own right beverages specialists, frequently contribute to publications including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, Time Out London, Off Licence News, and others.
If your event is centred around drinking, you might want to hire the Comedy Drinks Experts to inform and amuse your attendees. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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