Comedy Juggling Mime Show – Book Mime Artist | France

Comedy Juggling Mime Show – Book Mime Artist | France

Comedy Juggling Mime Show – Book Mime Artist | France

The Comedy Juggling Mime Show performs feats involving balls that have never been seen before, completely erasing the distinctions between mime artist, juggling, and visual performance. Precision juggling, humour, and a sense of enchantment are all featured in this multi-award-winning minimalist mime performance. The mime artist can guarantee that all eyes are on him with just a man, suitcase, chair, and table, and he does incredibly brilliant tricks with juggling balls and optical illusions.
The Comedy Juggling Mime Show is a very precise theatrical form of non-spoken narrative telling that takes place on stage. The comedic mime artist skillfully timed his astonishing juggling feats to the music, and with his amusing facial expressions, he creates a character that appeals to audiences of all ages.
This mime artist, based in France, has over 15 years of experience as a juggler, object manipulator, and musical gesture performer. He started out as a street performer. In this outstanding Comedy Juggling Mime Show, he combines his love of bouncing balls and hats to bring his street performance skills to the main stage.
This unique mime act, a winner of the Mandrake d'Or and Golden Magic awards, is appropriate for a wide range of events, including gala dinners, business parties, festivals, local fairs, cabaret shows, and more. He has performed the performance at occasions all over the world and has been on several TV shows.
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