Comedy Paparazzi

Comedy Paparazzi

Comedy Paparazzi

With the help of these fictitious paparazzi photographers, make your guests feel like millionaires! Imagine the surprise and joy on your guests' faces as they get the actual celebrity treatment when they first arrive.
Depending on the topic of your event, these flash mob paparazzi photographers could show up in anything from vintage Hollywood to 1970s to modern attire. A red carpet, posts and ropes, vintage theatre spotlights, a posing pedestal, an old sound system, and a Hollywood backdrop are just a few of the accessories they can be furnished with. The full celebrity experience will be produced by them!
They can show up as a meet-and-greet act only, making attendees feel special as they enter your special event, or they can show up as a walkabout act capturing actual photos that can be burned to a CD or USB stick, providing you with precious memories of your event. In any scenario, they will produce a lively and engaging atmosphere that visitors will cherish.
They additionally provide a parody film and TV team, comic waiters, a comedy DJ, and a comedy band in addition to these comedic paparazzi photographers.

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