Eiffel Tower Tour – Group Tour Experience | Paris, France

Eiffel Tower Tour – Group Tour Experience | Paris, France

Eiffel Tower Tour – Group Tour Experience | Paris, France

Invite your visitors to take our intriguing Insider Tour and experience the Eiffel Tower like never before! Our one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes tour will provide the ideal team-building activity and group tour for your team outing, providing the best option for your personalised entertainment in Paris.
Give your group a fascinating look inside Paris' most well-known landmark while granting them rare access to previously unexplored sections. Your guests will be given access to normally off-limits areas of the magnificent landmark, such as the engine room, which still operates the elevators, and the Champs de Mars Bunker, which was once used for military communications. Our knowledgeable guide will take them there.
Your group will reach the roof of the renowned restaurant Le Jules Verne, which gives a beautiful and distinctive perspective of the city, after climbing to the second story of the 115-meter-high tower.

Why not amaze your group with a unique sightseeing tour of the Eiffel Tower? We provide a trip that will be spoken about for weeks because it is entertaining and educational. Our insider Eiffel Tower Tour is ideal for your corporate entertainment since it enables every member of your group to take in the sights while learning about the history of this renowned landmark from the heights of a most famous monument.
A genuinely unique trip will enable your group to learn about this significant Parisian structure's secret side! Our specially designed Eiffel Tower Tour is offered as a unique team-building exercise, group tour, or your group's incentive trip.
Our knowledgeable tour guide will enthral your visitors by giving historical details, insider tales from the past and present, and mysteries of one of the most talked-about structures in the world.
In order to provide the ideal option for your customised entertainment and corporate hospitality in Paris, we provide the one-of-a-kind opportunity to create private tours for your special company excursion.
Practical Advice
Approximately 1.5 hours.
Maximum people - 20 per group
Every tour has multilingual guides who are proficient in the following tongues:
French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Dutch clients are responsible for providing transportation to and from the tour.
To discuss scheduling our Insider Eiffel Tower Tour for your corporate team outing or customised event, get in touch with Bella right now.

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