Electric Lightning Show – Glow Show | Wow Factor Act

Electric Lightning Show – Glow Show | Wow Factor Act

Electric Lightning Show – Glow Show | Wow Factor Act

Do you want to energise the environment during your event? Look nowhere else. One of Bella Entertainment's most thrilling acts, the Electric Lightning Show harnesses the power of nature by bringing electric lightning with a wow factor to your own venue. No visitor will believe their eyes when this act begins; it is available as an after-dinner show or even as participatory entertainment. Our glow show will use cutting edge technology to challenge everything you thought you knew about how humans interact with nature.
Imagine the setting. It is a gloomy, chilly night, and you arrive at the location of the event with little anticipation for what is about to happen. The entire venue suddenly goes dark and makes a cracking sound from a plinth in the middle of the stage. The plinth is still spewing fiery lightning bolts and is sizzling with electricity. You feel both afraid and enthralled. A man in a full body suit appears. You gasp as you believe he will be destroyed by the lightning's overwhelming power as he holds his hands toward the plinth. The man, however, manages to fend off the electricity and starts a heroic struggle against this overwhelming power.
This wow factor act offers compelling entertainment for all events and is a genuinely breathtaking glow show. A flexible after-dinner performance, you may modify the presentation to meet the needs of your particular occasion. Either a single performer and a single lightning plinth, or two performers who stand atop the plinths and fire electric arcs from their helmets, are available for booking. The displays may be tailored to be as realistic or supernatural as your event wants, making them a perfect entertainment option for futuristic, superhero, or ghost busters themed events.
Visitors can be invited to stand in cages and experience the incredible strength of lighting as it hits the cage as another exciting interactive entertainment option. Only the boldest audience members will dare to participate in this completely safe and incredibly thrilling interactive act!
Speak to our team at Bella Entertainment today to learn more about hiring Electric Lightning Show for your gala, festival, corporate event, or family gathering. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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