Electric Violinist Montreal – Hire Violin Player Canada

Electric Violinist Montreal – Hire Violin Player Canada

Electric Violinist Montreal – Hire Violin Player Canada

You won't have ever seen or heard electric violin performances like those given by our highly gifted young violinist in Montreal!
Our Montreal violinist has a large fan base and is a favourite with large corporate clients, TV shows, and VIP private events. She previously enjoyed success on "On n'a pas toute la soirée," presented by Jacques Salvail, and was named the winner of the show "Sucr Sal" (VAT) as chosen by the general audience.
Our electric violinist, who is also a masterful composer in addition to being a virtuoso violinist, has performed onstage with international artists like Mr. Sharp, K-Maro, T-Pain, and DJ Shortcut, to mention a few. She has also recorded a number of critically acclaimed albums.
In addition to being a violinist, he also holds the Guinness World Record for being the "Fastest Violinist in the World," which was established in 2011 and has not yet been surpassed. And it's not only that; in addition to being a gifted composer, our High Speed Violinist is also well known for his ability to spontaneously improvise in any style, making his live performances exceptional, thrilling, and utterly compelling.
You won't be let down if you hire our high speed violinist for your event; he is a genuine showman, a violinist of the highest calibre, and a natural performer.
Super Tip
Want to give his violin performance even more impact? Book a live band to perform behind him and professional dancers to perform with him by speaking with one of our entertainment coordinators!
Do not hesitate to contact us immediately and submit an inquiry if you wish to hire our High Speed Electric Violin.

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