Female Foot Archer – Book Archery Contortionist | UK

Female Foot Archer – Book Archery Contortionist | UK

Female Foot Archer – Book Archery Contortionist | UK

Our astounding An amazing archery contortionist, Female Foot Archer will astound any audience with her prodigious abilities. She is the only person in the world to perform a four trick shot archery act in addition to being the only fire foot archery performer.
Four acrobatic trick shots are among the amazing performances of this female foot archer. Among them is the archery contortionist who uses her feet to shoot a bow and arrow while she is in a handstand. As she performs foot archery, our acrobatic archer may also add the thrill of fire by using a burning arrow that sets off fireworks when it reaches the target. All types of audiences are sure to be impressed by this stunning conclusion. В
The acrobatic archer, a former gymnast for Great Britain, debuted her foot archery act on Britain's Got Talent and was dubbed a "bendy hot cupid!" by the judges. Since then, she has performed at several private and business occasions all around the world. The archery acrobat has additionally had appearances in the media, on a number of TV programmes, and even been cast in the popular Wonder Woman and Frankenstein Chronicles TV series. В
Our fiery Female Foot Archer provides a flexible performance with a variety of outfit options and theme-specific customization possibilities. The archery contortionist provides the ideal wow factor entertainment and is ideal for publicity tricks and promotions.
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Best Practice: In addition to being an aerial performer, our female foot archer is also accessible as an acrobat or contortionist.
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