Freestanding Aerial Hoop USA – Hire Aerial Act Las Vegas

Freestanding Aerial Hoop USA – Hire Aerial Act Las Vegas

Freestanding Aerial Hoop USA – Hire Aerial Act Las Vegas

At Bella Entertainment, we're here to assist you in finding top-notch entertainment that will set your event apart from the competition and provide the attendees with not just a beautiful experience, but also something they'll remember fondly. Aerial acts add a sense of sophistication to any occasion and are sure to become the centre of attention. They are an intriguing, affluent, and exquisite form of hybrid circus entertainment. В
Our aerial act, which is situated in Las Vegas, has more versatility than most aerial hoop acts and is all you could ever desire from one. Contrary to most aerial acts, which require winches and high ceilings, these aerialists have the advantage of a fully freestanding setup. The rig is totally freestanding, has a spinning base, and has an unusually appealing shape. It can be set up in locations where aerialists wouldn't often be allowed.
One or two aerialists doing an aerial hoop display can use the free-standing rig. The performers of the aerial hoop performance gracefully cling to the free-standing equipment as they bend and balance their way around the frame. It's a fantastic alternative to traditional circus entertainment and an intriguing centre piece for a wide variety of events.
At private and VIP parties, after-dinner shows, upscale social gatherings, and memorable corporate events, this seductive aerial act is ideal for captivating guests. It can be used for quick performances or background music, and you can dress the aerialists in clothes to match the occasion.
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