Freestanding Winter Aerial Act – Book Winter Themed Entertainment | UK

Freestanding Winter Aerial Act – Book Winter Themed Entertainment | UK

Freestanding Winter Aerial Act – Book Winter Themed Entertainment | UK

This incredible Freestanding Winter Aerial Act won't get a frigid greeting if you're looking for winter-themed entertainment for the holiday season. They give a sumptuous ambient aerial display that will become a spectacular focal point of your event, with an option of a male or female aerialist or both, depending on your request.
A adaptable white winter-themed rig with silver twigs and blinking fairy lights is part of this 3.5m-high freestanding aerial act. The male and female aerialists are provided with white outfits that can be further customised upon request. A variety of techniques, such as aerial silk loops, trapeze, or hoops, can be used to produce the lovely ambient aerial display. В
Several times throughout your event, the Freestanding Winter Aerial Act offers a free-form and ambient aerial spectacle. The aerialists can serve your guests drinks like champagne in an aerial bartending capacity. This gives your event a touch of elegance and creates a stunning installation that leaves a lasting impression.
Any event with a winter theme, white party, Christmas event, or festive celebration is a great fit for the freestanding aerial performance. It gives clients the chance to dazzle guests with an ambient aerial show in circumstances where an aerialist wouldn't ordinarily be allowed. The building is incredibly simple to set up and only needs a flat surface to stand on; it does not require any support or mains power. В
If you want something unique for your winter-themed event, get in touch with Bella Entertainment. For events around the world, the Freestanding Winter Aerial Act is a fantastic option.

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