GIF Photographer UK – Hire a GIF Photobooth | London

GIF Photographer UK – Hire a GIF Photobooth | London

GIF Photographer UK – Hire a GIF Photobooth | London

Customers looking for entertaining event photography will find the ideal option in our GIF Photographer UK. These moving images, made popular by Instagram's Boomerang function, are composed of many shots snapped consecutively and edited to seem as a brief video. You can select the mode that best suits you to capture, whether it's a static GIF Photo Booth or a mobile GIF photographer.
Our GIF Photographer UK provides cutting-edge event photography services that are entertaining for your guests and a valuable resource for customers. Visitors can view their photos on an iPad screen after they've been taken and enter their phone number or email address to receive the GIFs in a direct message. All templates include data gathering and comprehensive statistics of how your photographs are shared. They may also be customised with logos or inscriptions. В
The roaming GIF photographer gives you the best of both worlds by really going to your guests and taking their photos while they are at your event. This style of event photography is significantly more spontaneous and you are more likely to reach those guests that wouldn’t go to a booth. For gatherings with lots of guests, such as parties, weddings, trade exhibitions, and public events, the roaming GIF photographer is ideal. The GIF photobooth can be set up at your event and includes a branded background and a range of entertaining props, just like a traditional photo booth. В
For customers like the Junior League of London, Bella Entertainment, Vitality, the Global Metals Awards, Mont Blanc, Amazon, Samsung, Fred Perry, BT Sport, and many more, our London-based GIF photobooth and roaming GIF photographer have offered engaging event photographic services.
Best Practice: For regular photographs, this service is also offered as a Roaming Photographer.
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