Halloween Circus Show

Halloween Circus Show

Halloween Circus Show

As it immerses viewers in a dark underworld full of vampires, this show is sure to send heartbeats racing! This production blends circus cabaret and theatre to produce a remarkable show with floor acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, contortionists, jugglers, clowns, illusions, and humorous audience interactions. It is mysterious, tantalising, dark, amusing, and occasionally deadly.
Count Dracula establishes a travelling circus in Bohemia during the 19th century as the ideal means to get around undetected while carrying out his horrible plan to rule the world. The show's roller-coaster ride will leave audiences gasping in terror, giggling with delight, and marvelling. This performance is a feast for the senses and will surprise you!
The programme can be completely customised to the demands of the customer and can incorporate products, brandings, themes, and special visitors. Specialty acts, choreographed dances, wandering characters, DJs, live music, and visual components can all be added to the show to make it your own.
This show is non-stop, high-octane entertainment that will make your event stand out from the crowd!

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