Hire Aerial Bartender Texas

Hire Aerial Bartender Texas

Hire Aerial Bartender Texas

You're looking for a new method to offer your favorite beverages. We offer the ideal drink event entertainment for you, so stop searching. Our aerial bartender serves champagne to all of your guests while hanging upside down from her aerial silks, which is a distinctive, elegant, and exciting method to serve champagne. This engaging performer provides a wonderful photo opportunity and will unexpectedly provide a magical element to your event. В While offering various cocktails, our aerial hostess will be hanging above your guests, starting interesting conversations. Select your preferred libation, whether it be wine, champagne, a cocktail, or something else entirely. В Our celebrated aerialist will amuse your guests all night while mingling with them and serving beverages. Both indoor and outdoor events can use her talent. В An elegant choice for events with a Great Gatsby theme, business gatherings, personal gatherings, gala dinners, wedding receptions, and many more. Watch as she does many routines that move her from one stance to the next between sets of this interactive bartender and aerial silks act. Your guests will be enthralled by our aerial bartender's act as she contorts, twists, and stretches her body into fascinating forms to serve beverages in. This amazing aerialist may be dressed in a range of different costumes that can be fully customized to match the theme or logo of your event. В This act can be carried out on a 20-foot portable apparatus that can be easily put up at various places. Additionally, the aerial equipment can be embellished to match the occasion's theme. Aerial silks come in a variety of colors to match your decor and make this intriguing performance stand out. Make it a memorable occasion by hiring this chic and exquisite aerial bartender with a circus motif as your drink hostess!

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