Hire Electric Bike Tour – Outdoor Teambuilding Experience Toulouse

Hire Electric Bike Tour – Outdoor Teambuilding Experience Toulouse

Hire Electric Bike Tour – Outdoor Teambuilding Experience Toulouse

Invite your staff or coworkers to join this three-hour Electric Bike Tour, a corporate outing that will take them through the French countryside, and rediscover some of the country's most stunning regions.
Participants in this sightseeing bike tour will ride through some of France's most beautiful scenery. They will also receive extra vintage gear, including helmets, gloves, and glasses. The route includes stops at stunning vistas and brief rest stops so that cyclists may also take in the beauty of the surrounding buildings and environment. В
With various activities and obstacles, this outdoor teambuilding activity will test participants' five senses. Participants must pass an olfactory test, an enology quiz, wine and bug tasting exercises while wearing blindfolds, and crossbow shooting drills.
For this kind of excursion, 14 vintage electric bicycles are available. For larger groups, nevertheless, more VTC, electric VTT, and Solex Vintage motorcycles can be given. For workgroups looking to try something new and make lasting memories, this off-site corporate outing is the ideal choice.
This sightseeing bike tour costs, which includes:
14 individuals can ride electric bikes.
trained guides/staff
various materials and equipment to tackle various tasks and problems along the way
gloves, spectacles, and helmets from a bygone era
a wine and insect tasting
Test of crossbow shooting
In addition to Toulouse, Albi, Moissac, Fronton, Carcassonne, Soreze, Gruissan, St Felix de Lauragais, and any other site of your choice, this thrilling vintage bike tour is offered throughout France. On demand, route plans can be obtained from our vintage bike tour experts.
Contact our internal team of entertainment specialists to learn more about this Elecric Bike Tour right away. Speak with one of our planners and ask for more details on this company outing. They will be pleased to support you and aid with the reservation process.

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