Hire Flower People – Floral Walkabout Act | UK

Hire Flower People – Floral Walkabout Act | UK

Hire Flower People – Floral Walkabout Act | UK

The Flower People are the world's cutest, most vibrant, and sweetest-smelling performance group! The Hedge People have grown and evolved into Flower People, a couple of engaging roving entertainers that will instantly win over everyone.
Our interactive roaming entertainers are the ideal meet and greet characters for a range of events. With their charming personalities and gorgeous flower costumes, they fascinate crowds and compel onlookers to approach them for selfies.
The lovely floral costumes worn by walkabout artists make people giggle, and they are always on the lookout for new people to hug and spend out with. Our walkabout entertainers can interact with kids and adults from all over the world because they only use body language to speak. This makes them the ideal interactive walkabout entertainment option for people of all ages.
The team of designers responsible for these incredible outfits uses the most colourful flowers in simple, elegant arrangements that are excellent for inspiring social media posts. Our team of botanists will put together the ideal floral walkabout act to fit your occasion. Available in any type of bloom and any colour scheme.
Everyone will be greeted by our amiable florist, who will be eager to pose for photos and engage with visitors in a variety of ways. Our floral walkabout act will be stationed at the entrance to your venue to give guests a sneak peek of what they can discover inside.
Bella Entertainment provides a variety of interactive walkabout entertainment and floral-themed entertainment for events all around the world.
Make an inquiry today by contacting our own team of entertainment specialists. They would be pleased to assist you in making reservations and to answer any concerns you may have about this flower walkabout act.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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