Hire Giant Stilt Walkers | Bouncing Stilts Sydney | Walk Around Act

Hire Giant Stilt Walkers | Bouncing Stilts Sydney | Walk Around Act

Hire Giant Stilt Walkers | Bouncing Stilts Sydney | Walk Around Act

For some of the biggest organisations in the world, Giant Bouncing Stilts have performed shows and offered walk-around entertainment at corporate events and parties. among them are, to name a few, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, IBM, Disney, Kraft, Mastercard, Qantas, Nokia, Sony, Harley-Davidson, Foxtel, Bloombergs, Optus, Vodafone, Chinese Amway, and Maquarie Bank. The business's impressive deeds have demonstrated its professionalism and dependability.
Massive kangaroos
They are a wonderful sight with their cheeky fusion of inner city punk savvy and a metre-high jump and a two-meter bound!
They have already made appearances in nations all over the world, making these kangaroos a festival favourite and one of Australia's most popular independent creative exports.
Even at Glastonbury Festival in 2002, the endearing Giant Kangaroos came in second place (after Coldplay) in a phone survey conducted by BBC radio. 2
Beach Police:
Beware of sharks! The Beach Patrol members are prepared to help. Their mouth-to-mouth is amazing! Watch their risky drills and be amazed! After these moustachioed musclemen have exposed their biceps while averting danger, you'll need CPR. Swimming beyond the flags is dangerous.
Need to control a crowd? Don't freak out; leave it to the incompetent Bouncers. These young men are evidence that size does matter in this field, but not when it comes to intelligence.
They can also supply all different kinds of sports characters with a variety of other enormous, bouncing characters, such as elves. To make your event as distinctive and effective as possible, they can create characters specifically for you upon request and are as customizable as they can be.

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