Hire Gipsy Swing Band Italy – Bella Entertainment European Jazz Bands

Hire Gipsy Swing Band Italy – Bella Entertainment European Jazz Bands

Hire Gipsy Swing Band Italy – Bella Entertainment European Jazz Bands

Gipsy swing and blues are performed by Our Gipsy Swing Band Italy, a group of incredibly skilled musicians who have also worked with artists like Renzo Arbore. Even the Christmas Concert in the Vatican City, which was shown on Italian national television, was performed by our travelling gipsy jazz band.
The band includes members with extensive backgrounds in the music business and a lovely female vocalist. The group's prior experience allowed them to produce a number of commercially successful albums. Our European jazz band can play everything from gipsy jazz, jazz standards, to rock and roll to original compositions and rock standards. Members of the band perform on a range of instruments, including gipsy guitar, electric guitar, banjo, drums, and double bass. Despite being an Italian band, they sing with an American accent.
Our talented gipsy jazz musicians sing their enthusiastic anthems in both Italian and English. Over the course of their existence, the band's music has evolved significantly, and they have travelled to various US states. There aren't many jazz groups in Europe with a reputation like Gipsy Swing Band Italy. In addition to performing at prestigious festivals throughout Europe and travelling the world to write their music, our Italian band is well-known for its most recent album release, a swing tribute to the Beatles, a jazz and blues specialist. Additionally, the Italian Gipsy Swing Band performs a wide variety of rock 'n' roll, swing, blues, pop, and amazing close harmonies. Our band will work with you to make sure your event is everything you want it to be. В
You can select from a wide variety of gipsy jazz and live music entertainment selections at Bella Entertainment.
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