Hire Keynote Speaker Angela Chee

Hire Keynote Speaker Angela Chee

Hire Keynote Speaker Angela Chee

Angela is a fantastic choice for a range of events because she is a well-known keynote speaker, emcee, and media communications coach. She was raised by Chinese immigrants and was born on the East Coast. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. She has an engaging stage presence and has over 20 years of experience working as a news anchor on television. She consistently engages all audience segments. She has worked with prestigious TV networks during her career, including Fox 6, E! Entertainment, and she assisted in the debut of Entertainment Tonight in China. Fortune 500 corporations and institutions alike enjoy Angela's motivational keynote addresses because they respect her perspectives on women's empowerment, communication, leadership, and diversity. She has been collaborating with business owners, executives, and leaders in the industry since leaving the media sector to help them strengthen their brand messages. In order for her clients to realize their full potential, Angela wants to assist them overcome both personal and professional obstacles. At age 15, she won the title of "oeMiss California National Teen-Ager," becoming the first Asian American woman to do so. This launched her speaking career. She currently sits on the Asian Culture and Media Alliance's Media Advisory Board. MC and host Angela is an excellent panel moderator and MC for live and recorded events. She can help you highlight the most important brand messaging and statistics to help your business stand out from the crowd. Thanks to her extensive media experience, Angela's delivery always strikes the ideal balance between inspirational and educational to successfully engage the audience. Speaking Subjects Be Your Own Voice: В You will be empowered to value your own judgment and ideas and to bring about good change in your personal and professional life as well as your company thanks to this participatory, inspiring seminar. Additionally, Angela supports individuals in finding their purpose and enhancing their leadership abilities. Leadership & Leveraging Diversity's Power: In her talk, Angela examines the many advantages of supporting diversity on a team and how doing so can make a business successful. Businesses require executives from a variety of backgrounds to connect with a variety of clients, forge alliances, and foster an inclusive workplace. Angela will reframe leadership throughout the course of this lecture to be more efficient, productive, and collaborative. The Influence of the Unique Angela discusses the advantages of being "the only" in a circumstance during this speech. She will demonstrate the additional power this can offer and how to use this power to accelerate your success, whether this is the "only" woman in the room or the "only" person with your skill set in your firm. Angela presents the lessons she has picked up from other business leaders on breaking down barriers, dispelling prejudices, and forging your own path using personal experiences and stories.

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