Hire LED Violin Quartet | String Quartet | International Violinists

Hire LED Violin Quartet | String Quartet | International Violinists

Hire LED Violin Quartet | String Quartet | International Violinists

The LED Violin Quartet is one of the most energising, exciting, and charismatic groups on the music today. They have made a name for themselves as performers of intense emotion, cerebral virtuosity, and technical mastery. The LED Violin Quartet was established in the Odessa region of Ukraine in 2009. The group currently has a busy domestic and international tour schedule, performing at events and venues in the USA, Asia, and Europe. Thanks to the amazing LED instruments, this ensemble provides an amazing musical and visual performance. They can adapt their enormous repertoire to different musical tastes.
One of the best conservatories in the world has awarded degrees to each member. When Elena, the leader of the LED String Quartet, was just 5 years old and began playing the violin, she already knew she was destined to be a brilliant performer and entertainer. Elena performs on a remarkable Yamaha electric violin, which, aside from the fact that it is being played through the event's speakers, sounds startlingly like an acoustic violin. The first violinist, Taisiya, was born and raised in Ukraine, where she took violin lessons from a young age and later joined the Simferopol Youth Orchestra. She earned an honours degree from the Donetsk Academy of Music. Ievgeniia, a cellist who is also from Ukraine, was raised in a musical household and received her degree from the same Odessa Academy of Music. Ievgeniia's musical aptitude spans all kinds of music, beginning with classical, pop, rock, and jazz, despite the fact that she is the youngest member of a quartet. She is also a master at improvising. When she was ten years old, second violinist Anna started learning the instrument. While still a student at the Musical School, she performed solo concerts at international festivals in countries including Norway, Germany, Spain, and Russia.
Best Practice: You can also hire the players as an electric or acoustic string quartet.

The LED Violin Quartet has a remarkable stage presence, plays exceptional LED instruments, and wears stunning costumes. Therefore, look no farther and get in touch with us right away if you're searching for dependable, elegant, and distinctive all-around entertainment.

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