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Hire Stunt Show  Book Extreme Entertainment

Hire Stunt Show Book Extreme Entertainment

Our wheel of death stunt routines are the pinnacle of extreme entertainment, offering one of the top extreme stunt shows in the entire globe. One of the most thrilling stunt acts will be performed on your stage by amazing stunt artists who are supported by a fantastic, highly trained stunt team. Our arena show piece is a tremendous hit with the audience and will have visitors on the edge of their seats as our stunt performers risk their lives. Our iconic double wheel of death stunt performance is one of a kind and comprises performers that jump rope, spin, and fly around our enormous rotating wheels to the delight of the crowds.
Our amazing stunt display crew, who performs on a variety of venues, practises practically every day when not on stage in order to ensure an outstanding performance that viewers won't be able to forget. Our incredible stunt routine starts with the performers sprinting inside the infamous death trap to gain up speed and start its pendulum-like movements before going outside the wheel and running on top of and around the cages to create a knockout performance that will be remembered for years.
Our daring performance is perfect for outside entertainment, but if the space is large enough, our wheel of death stunt act may also be used for delightful indoor events. To assist create an even more individualised experience that will leave attendees in awe, our stunt performances can be booked separately or in combination with other extreme Bella Entertainment artists and characters.
If you're interested in hiring one of our death-defying stunt performers for your upcoming event or gathering, get in touch with one of the lovely Bella Entertainment event staff members. They'll help you finalise the details of your extreme entertainment booking and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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