Hire Virtual Magician Chris Funk

Hire Virtual Magician Chris Funk

Hire Virtual Magician Chris Funk

FAQs1. What should I anticipate from this virtual encounter? Any online event, meeting, or conference will be elevated by this live-streamed, fully interactive experience. Visitors will feel as though they are in Chris Funk's room thanks to the use of three full HD grade cameras and live streaming from a top-notch production studio! Although video conferencing sites will also be taken into consideration, we advise using Streamyard and YouTube Live Unlisted to get the most out of this experience. Before diving right into the amusing and entertaining interactive magic, the performance opens with an introduction film showcasing our performer's incredible qualifications. It's not a show full of card tricks, but we don't want to reveal too much. Visitors may anticipate performances that blend music and magic in the most inventive ways, violin magic, mentalism, and Chris can even show visitors how to recreate a trick at home with common household items! 2. Can you customise this show? Without a doubt, Chris Funk can modify a number of his tricks to incorporate logos, videos, marketing, business names, and even major dates that may be used into some of his show reveals! 3. Is this an interactive experience? The entire presentation is made to be very interactive and captivating. The audience can impulsively decide if they want to participate in one of the tricks by clicking a link that puts them 'backstage'. There's no need to raise your hand or put off taking part; simply click the link to join the show! Throughout the event, guests can also use the online chat feature to post comments, emojis, and other amusing things that the artist can respond to. What is required of guests to participate? All attendees need to watch the concert is a laptop or other device with a reliable internet connection. The day of the event, if you're using Streamyard and Youtube Live Unlisted, you'll receive a link to send to your guests; they won't need to download anything and may watch the show from any web browser. For volunteers to appear on screen, their device must have a webcam! The audience can send comments and emojis in real-time that our artist can respond to, and Streamyard offers a great entertainment experience. Visitors who want to participate in a trick can enter and exit a virtual "backstage area" as needed. It's the ideal place for watching live events online!

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