Hire Water Bowl Acrobats – Unique Acrobatic Entertainment Italy | Milan

Hire Water Bowl Acrobats – Unique Acrobatic Entertainment Italy | Milan

Hire Water Bowl Acrobats – Unique Acrobatic Entertainment Italy | Milan

At your upcoming major event, dazzle attendees with a distinctive acrobatic entertainment choice that is sure to leave them with lifelong memories.
Our water bowl company, which performs visually stunning choreographies on water, can create completely customised performances specifically for your occasion. These amazing live mermaids enter and exit the water effortlessly and elegantly.
As you can see in the photographs up top, this water bowl group offers solo, pair, and group acts in various lineups. Our artists' bodies intertwine in stunning acrobatic and contortion movements, making them appear as one. Our duos and quartets create a show that is a tremendous pleasure for the eyes since they are perfectly timed.
Our water bowl ensemble is always excited to have the chance to cooperate with other artists, such as circus performers or live musicians, to produce unique water acrobatic events.
This water bowl act is a lyrical fusion of superhuman flexibility and faultless synchronicity that is beloved by audiences of all ages. The poetic symbiosis of our performers is really captivating to watch, holding viewers spellbound with its elegance and complexity.
For occasions like galas, dinners, after-dinner experiences, ceremonies, theatres, festivals, and more, this unique acrobatic entertainment choice is ideal! Regardless of the event, this water acrobatic display is certain to be the highlight of your gathering and keep guests talking for years to come.
For parties and occasions in Italy and across the world, Bella Entertainment provides a wide variety of distinctive acrobatic entertainment choices.
Please don't hesitate to contact us right away to inquire about booking these Water Bowl Acrobats. If you have any concerns regarding this water bowl group, our in-house team of entertainment specialists will be more than pleased to assist you in making a reservation and provide all the information you need.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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