Hire White Baroque Characters – 18th Century Characters | Italy

Hire White Baroque Characters – 18th Century Characters | Italy

Hire White Baroque Characters – 18th Century Characters | Italy

With these White Baroque Characters, you may take attendees to an upcoming event and transport them back in time. These mix-and-mingle artists, a popular walkabout-themed entertainment choice for outdoor events, give your celebration a genuine 18th-century feel.
Whether it is a themed party or a museum display, this fully interactive walkabout act is sure to become the centre of attention. Our male and female performers can serve as the centrepiece of any historical event and inspire young children to learn more about art and history.
Our mix and mingle entertainers are mute 18th century characters that can converse with people without speaking while remaining entirely silent. Our performers can go around your venue flaunting their costumes, posing for selfies, or remaining still like statues so your event guests can take photos.
Our 18th century figures are perfect for individuals of all ages and cultures because there is no language barrier in addition to adding a distinctive aesthetic aspect to your event! These sophisticated baroque-themed entertainers add style and a dash of vintage glitz to your event!
Our 18th century figures are ideal for museums and art galleries, cultural events, festivals, street celebrations, themed parties, etc. They make the ideal walkabout themed entertainment for a range of events. Our 18th century gentlemen and ladies always leave enduring memories, no matter the event!
Best Practice: Our adaptable mix-and-mingle performers can also don their wings and change into White Walkabout Angels.
For events in Italy and throughout the world, Bella Entertainment provides a variety of walkabout themed entertainment.
Contact us right now to reserve these White Baroque figures. We have an in-house team of entertainment specialists who are more than pleased to assist you with the booking process and answer any questions you may have about this interactive walkabout performance.

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