Hire White Walkabout Angels – Interactive Walkabout Act | Italy

Hire White Walkabout Angels – Interactive Walkabout Act | Italy

Hire White Walkabout Angels – Interactive Walkabout Act | Italy

By hiring these White Walkabout Angels, heavenly beings with wings but no voice, you may turn your holiday market, street festival, or any other special occasion into a magical realm.
These silent invaders in white costumes will draw attention wherever they go as they move through the streets of your city. They will be seen by passersby as they explore various arcs, buildings, monuments, windows, terraces, etc. When our performers start moving and walking, many people will mistake them for sculptures and be shocked to learn that they're actually real angels!
These poetic, nonverbal creatures present a breathtaking photographic opportunity. One-of-a-kind and captivating, our performances never fail to impress! Angels can be hired for your special occasion, dispelling the idea that they are genderless. Both male and female angels are available.
This participatory walkabout act, which is adored by both kids and adults, sparks interest in individuals of all ages. Our interactive walkabout angels will be delighted to snap pictures with onlookers and guests at your event by posing for selfies and remaining motionless like statues. These white-themed figures will have a strong bond with the ground and its inhabitants despite having bodies that betray a yearning to fly.
Our interactive walkabout angels are a well-liked alternative for mix-and-mingle entertainment at outdoor events, including parades, themed parties, street festivals, and Christmas markets. These white-themed creatures are an excellent complement to your event decor and give a lovely aesthetic element to any occasion.
A Pro Tip
Bookings for White Baroque Characters are also available for our diverse performers.
For events and gatherings in Italy and throughout the world, Bella Entertainment provides a variety of mix-and-mingle entertainment choices.
Please do not hesitate to contact us and submit an inquiry if you are interested in booking these White Walkabout Angels. We have a specialised staff of entertainment specialists who are more than pleased to assist you with your booking and answer any questions you may have regarding our white-themed characters.

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