Hot Air Ballooning Spain – Group Balloon Flights Spain

Hot Air Ballooning Spain – Group Balloon Flights Spain

Hot Air Ballooning Spain – Group Balloon Flights Spain

Invite your family, close relatives, or coworkers to go on an exciting adventure with you. Spain offers hot air balloon rides for groups of six and up to 50 persons each day. Please contact us if you have any questions about the availability of hot air balloon trips in the various regions of the Iberian Peninsula.
This different guided tour, which lasts three hours, will begin early in the day. Although the time may vary from season to season, passengers will be greeted at an agreed-upon location at 8am. To help them locate the launch site, a map will be given to them. Participants will have the chance to see how balloons are inflated once they arrive. Our pilots and specialists will walk participants through the logistics of this outdoor sport and provide a passenger safety briefing. Then, the journey begins!
The participants will be split into groups of six to fourteen, which is the capacity of each balloon. They will soar over rural skies and over breathtaking vistas in some of Spain's most picturesque regions for an hour.
Passengers will receive a flight certificate and raise a glass of cava in toast to the end of this spectacular hot air balloon trip to round off the exhilarating voyage.
These group balloon flights cost includes:
briefing on passenger safety and balloon inflation
seasoned pilots
a guided hot air balloon flight lasting one hour
flight authorization
bread with cava
If you and your guests would want to have a good digital record of this day to remember it by, photographs and video footage are available upon request.
Contact our team of event planners right away to learn more about hot air ballooning in Spain. They would be pleased to help you make reservations and provide you more details about this thrilling outdoor group activity.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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