Illuminated Inflatable Horses – Hire Horse Characters Spain

Illuminated Inflatable Horses – Hire Horse Characters Spain

Illuminated Inflatable Horses – Hire Horse Characters Spain

Impress your visitors with a stunning piece of event décor, or make a statement by performing a walkabout act that will draw attention. No matter what event you want to hire them for, the friendly huge inflatable horses are available to enthral guests.
You can hire blow-up horses to decorate your event. They may be inflated, placed on sturdy frames, and kept still throughout your event. This would have a stunning effect on events with a white theme and is sure to make your event decor come to life and stand out from the ordinary.
As an alternative, hire performers to ride inflatable horses as part of the horse characters' walkabout show. The enormous inflatable horses can bob and bounce all over the venue of your event. The artists have the option to walk about or execute scripted dance routines. The three-dimensional horse characters are ideal for festivals and make for fantastic parade entertainment.
The inflatable horses have built-in LED lights, making them suitable for use as walkabout performers or event decor. This has a greater effect during outdoor activities after sunset. You can choose the colour schemes for the LED lights inside the horse characters. They will match it in the inflatable horses if your event has a certain colour scheme or if it's a product launch.
Looking for a unique walkabout act, fantastic parade entertainment, or eye-catching event décor?
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