Interactive Event Robots – Book Cutting Edge Robots | China

Interactive Event Robots – Book Cutting Edge Robots | China

Interactive Event Robots – Book Cutting Edge Robots | China

Two of the most cutting-edge robots in the world, our Interactive Event Robots may astonish guests at your event. There are two cutting-edge robots available, each with unique powers. These adorable little robots attract everyone's attention and could be a useful asset at business events and trade exhibits.
Both Interactive Event Robots have fantastic mobility, a tonne of apps, a variety of technology features that can be customised, language options, branding options, and a tonne of other incredible capabilities, including:
360 Degree Awareness - Matrix design with 360-degree Wrap-Around technology that uses more than 60 sensors to provide complete awareness of its surroundings.
Unrestricted Movement - Has 12 tiny free-rolling wheels that allow for 360-degree spot rotation and can easily move across uneven terrain.
250 different colours are available for the animated waving arms, which may also move in time with the music and be linked to the panels on either side of the head.
HD Laser Projector - Laser projector with a 65-inch maximum projection size and 720P resolution built into its head. Think like R2D2's actions from Star Wars, but better. A high definition viewing experience is provided by the 10.1-inch HD touch screen, which can be controlled precisely with the finger tip.
It's the ideal choice for any event searching for an entertaining and captivating interactive robot.
Anyone looking for cutting-edge entertainment to interact with their guests will find our cloud-enabled Interactive Event Robots to be the perfect option. The robots can be controlled by speech, have a 3D camera that can read gestures and positions, recognise faces, allow for unfettered movement, and are incredibly adaptable in terms of what they can do and how they can be customised to meet your needs.
Please get in touch with Bella Entertainment's team to reserve the Interactive Event Robots for your event.

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