International Fire Pyro Show

International Fire Pyro Show

International Fire Pyro Show

These presentations enthral audiences with tremendous, high-octane action from the first opening explosion to the final pyrotechnic crescendo. As their dancers are passionately joined with fire in motion, raw flames transform into an extension of the human body.
Their fire shows, which can be best characterised as a fusion of dance, martial arts, movement disciplines, acrobatics, gymnastics, and specialised fire techniques, are complemented by elegant costumes, stunning stage decoration, fully choreographed pyrotechnics, as well as the highest level of professionalism and safety backstage. In the field of fire-dance entertainment, this international fire and pyro show is unmatched and includes numerous distinctive and unusual fire, gas, and pyrotechnic elements.
Fire Show
High-caliber impact is delivered by The Fireshow with all the vigour of a glamorous Las Vegas performance. This unforgettable highlight fireshow is a perennial audience favourite with to its sparkling, sensual costumes, vibrant choreographies, and elegant, dynamic dancers.
Traditional Fire
Classical fire is the apex of the fire show experience and the most elegant impact presentation in a class by itself. For large-scale events, city festivals, upscale corporate events, and everywhere else where a classical impression is sought, this new symphonic synthesis of dynamic dance routines, magnificent costumes, masterfully staged visual effects, and powerful fireworks is perfect.
Saudi Fire
Especially for Middle Eastern audiences, Arabian Fire is a dynamic production that combines the elegance and intensity of a fire show with the mystical essence of the Arabian Desert. A sophisticated, high-octane fire display is accompanied by a potent blend of contemporary sounds and Oriental music. There are two types of female costumes: 'Harem' and conservatively respectful.
Fire Xcess
Pyro Xcess is your ultimate show highlight that ensures audiences erupt in enthusiastic heightened applause every time. It is ideal for that hard-hitting stunning explosive impact. High-calibre motion is used to propel beautifully choreographed coloured sparks through the air. This event, which frequently serves as the electrifying conclusion to our longer productions, ignites powerful music, dance arts, and daring performers with top-notch pyrotechnics.
Flame Dance
The uncomplicated glimmer of a candle captures the essence of theatrical enchantment. Elegantly emotional female dancing merges with the unadulterated energy of flame. As captivating as fire is old, this performance is stunning. Within the seductive embrace of firelight, elements from the Indian subcontinent and the Near East combine with modern gymnastics' supple grace to create a show of supreme female elegance.
Arizona Tribal
A trip into our distant past, Phoenix Tribal is an earthy combination of primitive drumming and dancing rooted in the frightened ritual of fire. Acrobats, exotic dancers, and powerfully choreographed live percussion lead viewers to an astounding climax of coordinated movement and rhythm. The show perfectly encapsulates mankind's greatest instinctual drive, tribal!
Steel & Fire
The crowd-pleasing Fire & Steel mix of high-impact drumming and explosive performance. Our most acrobatic fire-dance choreographies are mixed with the raw, dynamic force of steel drums. This presentation is ideal for medium-sized to big venues that call for a truly outstanding highlight show. Laser, pyrotechnic, and projection effects are further multi-media special effects.
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