International Saxophonist

International Saxophonist

International Saxophonist

Since beginning his academic and professional music education in Los Angeles, California, this saxophonist's experiences and travels have made him a sought-after saxophonist/musician since moving to the United Arab Emirates. The Julliard School, The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Arts, UArts Philadelphia, USC, and UCLA have all taken notice of him since he won the Outstanding Soloist Award from renowned NYC trumpeter Wynton Marsalis in 2004. He travelled to New York City to study music and earn a degree since jazz music has always been his source of inspiration as America's one and only authentic art form. Since moving to the , he has gained recognition for his talent at improvising while performing with DJs. He has done this with renowned DJs and venues, and he currently resides in one of United States's most renowned electronic music venues.

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