Lady Gaga Tribute Toronto – Lady Gaga Lookalike

Lady Gaga Tribute Toronto – Lady Gaga Lookalike

Lady Gaga Tribute Toronto – Lady Gaga Lookalike

The top Lady Gaga impersonator in Toronto, Our Lady Gaga Tribute, has wowed audiences at national and international events! The ultimate Lady Gaga tribute act is an uncanny Gaga doppelganger who will have onlookers chasing her down and demanding for pictures. Not only does our international Lady Gaga tribute act look exactly like the genuine thing, but she also sings, plays the piano, dances, and acts exactly like Lady Gaga! Putting on a show with breath-taking live singing, amazing choreography, and fantastic costumes that perfectly recreate the appearance, atmosphere, and sound of Lady Gaga's performances. She has even received support from Lady Gaga herself, so it's not surprising that the press and paparazzi frequently mistake her for the real Lady Gaga.
The Haus of Gaga chose this Lady Gaga tribute to appear in the "Edge of Glory" Google Chrome commercial, and she has also made appearances on Let's Ask America (a TV quiz show), CNN, Lifetime, and other networks.
Her dancers are among of the best commercial dancers in New York City, and you'll be blown away by their authentic Haus of Gaga choreography!
She is a genuine talent, exactly like Gaga, with boundless enthusiasm and charisma. She also plays the piano and sings live. She is a fantastic family-friendly act delivering a wide range of shows and is available to rent for all types of events, including theatres, corporate gatherings, comedy clubs, and private parties.
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