LED Laser Tron Show – Laser Artist | Bool Corporate Entertainment

LED Laser Tron Show – Laser Artist | Bool Corporate Entertainment

LED Laser Tron Show – Laser Artist | Bool Corporate Entertainment

The high-caliber acts that Bella Entertainment specialises in are available to perform at events all over the world. Our team of specialists will work with you to find the ideal entertainment for your special occasion, whether you're searching for a complete show or a walkabout performance. A special laser display created by two forward-thinking circus technology gurus is called LED Laser Tron Show. These seasoned live performers, who have each received recognition for their accomplishments in the disciplines of light and fire juggling, developed this cutting-edge technology show with the corporate entertainment markets in mind. Our laser artist will astound you with his wonderfully glowing act by fusing art and cutting-edge technology.
This show can be just what you're searching for if you want to hire a wow factor performance for your occasion. This eclectic performance honours light and sound by utilising three very different but complementing laser technologies. Guests watch on in astonishment as our excellent laser artist makes magic in his most recent technological show while performing to a dramatic music.
The colour laser, which may be moved to serve as a support or a focal point, is one of the laser show's components.
- Manually controlled laser beams
- A laser-powered "dragon staff" 4 lasers at each end of the stick
This 7-minute performance, which puts art and showmanship front and centre, is sure to leave an impression on audiences no matter the setting. The programme is ideal for club nights, product launches, and corporate entertainment, and it can be tailored for any particular event. Our adaptable technology artist may choreograph to several soundtracks or highlight a certain laser technique or colour to ensure the performance is genuinely unforgettable.
This seasoned firm is renowned for its outstanding live shows and has worked with a wide spectrum of high-end customers, including Air France, Microsoft, Heineken, and BNP. Please get in touch with our staff at Bella Entertainment France right away if you have any queries regarding the technical requirements for renting our colourful LED Laser Tron Show for your event.

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