Light Painting Show Germany

Light Painting Show Germany

Light Painting Show Germany

Graduate of the prestigious "Centre national des arts du cirque" in Chlons en Champagne, France, and the "cole de Cirque de Bruxelles" in Brussels, this extraordinary circus artist has produced a beautiful presentation that excites all the senses with amazing graphics and high-octane sounds. From his native Berlin to Brazil, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates, he has performed all over the world. His skills are diverse and include juggling, stilt walking, unicycling, entertainment, presentation, comedy, and light arts.
This act gives a high-tech and aesthetically impressive show that will accomplish your goal of finding an interesting and innovative approach to display and advertise products, brands, and company messages. A screen, video projection, and illuminated juggling clubs can be used by this artist to produce hypnotic light paintings that swirl and glow. This live light painting can contain specific slogans, images, logos, and more, making it a terrific eye-catching entertainment option for trade shows, exhibits, conventions, and corporate events. The images can either be collected and overlaid to make a still image, or they can continue to flow.
This performer may include a light painting interactive station where audience members can participate and make their own light paintings in addition to his light painting stage presentation. This light painter can also produce one-of-a-kind images with a photographer in which visitors are shown in front of their lovely light works!
This act is entertaining and imaginative for a wide variety of occasions and places because these performances are equally effective in a light-filled space as they are in a dark one.

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