Lighting Hire Australia – Book Event Lighting Australia

Lighting Hire Australia – Book Event Lighting Australia

Lighting Hire Australia – Book Event Lighting Australia

For all of your event lighting requirements, contact Lighting Hire Australia. Whatever type of lighting you require—indoor, outdoor, ambient, ornamental, or moving—the event lighting provider has it all. Lighting rental Australia offers lighting solutions for all kinds of events, both big and little, and can create any kind of accent or decorative lighting you need.
They can provide moving lights, outdoor lighting, decorative lighting, and stage lighting thanks to their wide selection of lighting equipment. To make your event stand out, you can choose numerous lighting options and customise colour palettes. All of the lighting equipment for your event will be supplied and put up by the courteous, highly trained personnel, and it will be completed quickly and expertly, as promised.
Decorative: Up Wall Lighting may change the mood of an event by perfectly lighting the scene. Up wall lighting is the simplest method to make a room feel different. Putting the lights at the foot of a wall or pillar will direct your preferred colour of light upward.
Festoon is a good indoor or outdoor lighting option. The 20 metre festoons have a traditional incandescent globe every 1 metre, making them a good substitute for fairy lights. makes a roof of light possible and gives off a vintage or rustic vibe. They can be ordered with coloured bulbs or Edison globes in addition to the clear incandescent globes that are typically included.
Table pin locations: the best method to draw attention to floral arrangements or centre items. Making a feature stand out and producing an incredible first impression on guests by using very narrow beam lighting that focuses on the centre of the tables. By using this kind of event lighting, you may improve the ambiance by using less of the regular room lighting.
Moving: Moving Lights - From basic 250w moving heads and LED fixtures up to 700w lights, the light rental firm has a variety of moving head fixtures appropriate for events of all sizes. The moving lights, which are quite popular for live music events and dance floors, come in various colours and may liven up the occasion.
The traditional high-powered search light comes in single and double beam options. can be used both inside and outside.
Building lights outside a great method to set your location apart from the competition. This type of event lighting solutions can move and brightens the exterior of your venue with a wash of vibrant lighting or colours. Available for both residential or rural properties and large-scale city structures and venues.
Tree lighting is perfect for rural gatherings and may be used to illuminate trees beside a driveway, on a property, or just about anyplace else you like. Our lighting fixtures' warm glow enhances the beauty of trees and hedging at night and can create a cosy ambiance for outdoor gatherings.
Festoons are a decorative lighting option that are highly well-liked at weddings and other events. This inexpensive lighting option may give any occasion a relaxed feel. Clear globes, coloured globes, lanterns, or LED are available options.

Booking advice: A wide range of lights are available for events of all sizes, including indoor and outdoor lighting. A professional staff handles all of the setup.
Company also provides stage and AV rentals

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