Living Marionette Germany – Book Walkabout Act | Berlin

Living Marionette Germany  – Book Walkabout Act | Berlin

Living Marionette Germany – Book Walkabout Act | Berlin

A whimsical walkabout performance called Our Living Marionettes Germany adds a bit of fascinating interactive entertainment to any occasion or event. Your visitors' interest will be piqued by this unique sight as they observe a lovely living doll being controlled by a huge puppeteer.
Our Living Marionette Germany is a beautiful invention that includes a stilt walking puppeteer and a living puppet. It is available with a few themed costumes. The pair moves around event venues generating some buzz and giving your guests engaging entertainment. The living marionette will approach members of the public and extend its hand in greeting. A lot of people want to take pictures with the living puppet during this walkabout show.
The Berlin-based Living Marionette walkabout show has appeared at several events all throughout Europe and even in Russia. It is a straightforward yet powerful type of interactive entertainment that doesn't require any kind of language. As a result, it is available for events worldwide and is accessible to audiences of all kinds.
With a high enough ceiling, Living Marionette Germany can be used for both outdoor and indoor events. A delightful addition to festivals, themed events, and special occasions is this wandering living puppet. Please do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Bella Entertainment to learn more about hiring our magnificent Living Marionette Germany for your special occasion.

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