Pop Singer & Pianist

Pop Singer & Pianist

Pop Singer & Pianist

Her music is the consequence of several factors, much like the work of every musician worth their salt. It's hardly surprising that her music sounds the way it does considering that she was raised in Scotland by parents who are Dutch and Irish and Filipino and Spanish, respectively. influences range from The Roots, Angie Stone, and Jill Scott to Nina Simone, Al Green, and others. She vividly recalls being inexplicably dragged from her bed to play the piano in her living room at the tender age of four, marking the start of her musical career. She has become many things to many people—the number one album seller in the , a classically trained pianist, drummer, vocalist, and model—but no matter what category you place her in, she'll always find a way to escape it. Her talent for keyboards and drums has fueled a fire that has guided her artistic direction and stoked her passion for singing.

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