Projection Screen Aerial Piano – Book Unusual Music Entertainment | Spain

Projection Screen Aerial Piano – Book Unusual Music Entertainment | Spain

Projection Screen Aerial Piano – Book Unusual Music Entertainment | Spain

Our amazing Projection Screen Aerial Piano raises the bar for unconventional musical performance. This amazing sight features an incredible multimedia presentation with a grand piano positioned vertically above the audience. The eye-catching aerial piano was specially constructed with a screen to accommodate various presentations as the aerial pianist performs live.
The Projection Screen Aerial Piano is a completely uncommon music entertainment concept that offers viewers a one-of-a-kind experience while hanging around six metres above the ground. Your visitors will have never witnessed a piano display like this and will remember this occasion for a very long time. The cutting-edge multimedia presentation can be rented for anything from a corporate function to a civic festival. A terrific option for any holiday event is for the aerial pianist to hang by a huge Christmas tree.
There are numerous performance choices available with the Projection Screen Aerial Piano. The aerial piano, pianist, and projections are the most basic. A fantastic dancing aerial acrobat who appears from the piano itself is an additional option. The projections halt at a predetermined period in the multimedia performance, and the piano body turns translucent to expose a dancer inside. As the animations start up once again, she comes out and does an aerial dance in and around the floating piano.
The visuals for the Projection Screen Aerial Piano presentation can be completely customised, and it will be made specifically for the needs of the client. Businesses might opt to tell their company's history through this multimedia presentation, while brands can use it to highlight their logos or even brand-new items. Private clients can let their imaginations run wild.
The aforementioned images and videos should give you an idea of the aerial pianist's abilities and his special instrument, but if you'd like to learn more or reserve this out-of-the-ordinary musical entertainment for your event, then get in touch with us.

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