Roaming Character Stuttgart – Book Unique Act Germany

Roaming Character Stuttgart – Book Unique Act Germany

Roaming Character Stuttgart – Book Unique Act Germany

Our roaming figure and enormous puppet is the magnificent centrepiece that will elevate your event to the next sensory level, providing exceptional roaming and stage entertainment that will leave your audience in wonder!
The idea that "the total is greater than the sum of its parts" was intended to be represented by our enormous LED puppet. Its every movement is the consequence of the collective moment in the "Here and Now" and represents a trustworthy partnership that functions best when everyone is included. This is something that, in the opinion of our puppet, should be implemented globally.
Our special roaming character's flexible, transparent body of interwoven fibres comes to life and moves in perfect time to the melody of the West African harp known as the Kora, which is controlled and brought to life by a team of five skilled and professional puppeteers.
This lovely walkabout character moves fluidly and naturally with elegance and charm despite its enormous size. Due to the talent of its puppeteers, our gentle giant is able to communicate intimately and in a very humane way with the audience, to the point where viewers may forget that the puppeteers are present and a lovely interaction between spectator and giant may result. With its lifelike movements, gleaming inner light, and evocative music, our roaming giant offers a magical experience that must be seen to be believed. Watch as our elegant wandering giant shakes hands with the elderly and laughs with the children while dancing to music provided by a live DJ.
This motivational walkabout act has the power to bridge cultural gaps and unite audiences through a shared emotional experience by entrancing them and bringing them on an amazing journey. You definitely have to see our gorgeous giant to believe him.
Our LED puppet can add a particular touch to any type of event, including brand events and corporate celebrations, award ceremonies, automobile launches, large-scale stadium events, and more. It is capable of providing both an interactive walkabout performance and sensational dramatic stage display. Additionally, our kind giant could be a member of a family that includes other giants and a cute baby that melts everyone's hearts. Call to reserve our Giants of Light!
Top Ideas
Our puppet comes in a variety of sizes, from enormous to tiny, and it can be joined by a captivating female character who can be illuminated in any palette of hues.
Although branding cannot be applied on the puppets, our team is more than willing to work to create unique objects associated with your business that can be used in the performance or plot.
Contact our entertainment experts to learn more about how to leverage branding possibilities and develop unique performances.

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