Rubiks Cube Art – Event Art

Rubiks Cube Art – Event Art

Rubiks Cube Art – Event Art

introducing a wholly original act that has won praise from critics all across the world. Instead of utilising paint and paintbrushes like every other event artist out there, our designer makes unique art installations out of a very uncommon medium: rubiks cubes. Each piece of Rubiks Cube Art is unique and unrivalled, utilising up to 5000 cubes. Our artist decided to use his talent in the events sector after becoming well-known for winning several international championships. He currently does custom artwork for upscale corporate events, festivals, product launches, and more. Your custom piece of Rubik's Cube art is sure to be the talk of the party because the artist may either make it before the event or create it live on stage.
Talented event artist Ernesto employs thousands of Rubik's cubes to produce his amazing works of art, using the individual squares as the mosaic tiles. His quick-moving, spectacular work will astound audiences. Let your imagination run wild, and our artist will build a rubix cube art installation that will please even the most unusual concept. Our artist is capable of creating customised mosaic graphics for any event theme. Your company's branding or product can be realised as a custom artwork and unveiled to guests live on stage, which is a wonderful addition to promotional events.
Rubikart Alternatives
Live performance art This is a fantastic addition to any event since passersby can be given Rubik's cubes to solve, which Ernesto will then incorporate into his design. This stimulates audience engagement. Each live art performance uses about 500 cubes and is completely tailored to the needs of the client.
Rubiks cube "fresco": A show-stopping focal point for your venue, these large-scale mosaics combine between 2000 and 5000 rubiks cubes and can be produced prior to the event or over the course of several days, creating a high impact addition to any area.
This distinctive act is sure to liven up any event, having performed for numerous illustrious businesses and high profile occasions including the World Championship of Superbikes and the United States Summer Surprises Shopping Festival. Bella Entertainment will help you plan incredible Rubiks Cube Art installations for your event that will captivate the entire family.

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