Shanghai Hero Kung Fu Group

Shanghai Hero Kung Fu Group

Shanghai Hero Kung Fu Group

This amazing Kung Fu performance company has more than ten years of acting and performance experience. It was founded in 2006 from members of the Tagou Wushu School and the Singshan Shaolin temple performance teams.
Their group is widely sought after for events around the world since they are all exceptional Kung Fu artists with extensive training. They play at several private parties in addition to the national spring and lantern festivals, the Wushu show at des Champs Avenue France, and national spring festivals. They also gave performances during the Beijing Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies in 2008.
Their genuine performances feature costumes, choreographies, and a variety of traditional weapons, including knives, sticks, poles, and flags. These are from the Kung Fu and Wushu traditions.
Their exuberant performances will definitely produce an arresting spectacle that will make an impression on viewers. This elite Kung Fu team will be the star of your after-dinner show, festival, or private party, regardless of whether you're planning one.

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