Tap Dance African Percussion

Tap Dance African Percussion

Tap Dance African Percussion

This performance in Barcelona combines sand dance, tap dance, singing, and African drumming. Six artists switch roles, swap skills, and mix rhythms for more than an hour to create a startling performance that is fresh, innovative, and so full of energy that it compels the audience to get up and dance, enthralled by the magic taking place on stage.
The programme, which combines the most contemporary tap dancing methods with a variety of percussion instruments, has gone on tour throughout the world and has received applause and admiration from every audience member. The show has received the greatest and unanimity of press acclaim from its premiere in 2000 in Barcelona and Edinburgh (Fringe Festival), garnering 5 star articles.
The Tap Dance & African Percussion Band has performed for NISSAN, DAMM, SAMSUNG, TELEF"NICA, BMW, RON BRUGAL, FARMA-PROJECT, EAT OUT, FERRERO ROCHER, ENDESA, and the America's Cup, among many other businesses, at conventions, award ceremonies, conferences, and a wide range of events. They took part in the TV1 GOYA AWARDS ceremony in 2000, the TV AZTECA (Mexico) programme in Beijing in 2008, and the GAUDI AWARDS celebration in 2009. (TV3).
This adaptable presentation may be customised to fit the requirements of any occasion, creating a show for any situation.

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