Tarot Card Reader and Magician Mix and Mingle Entertainment UK

Tarot Card Reader and Magician  Mix and Mingle Entertainment UK

Tarot Card Reader and Magician Mix and Mingle Entertainment UK

Our Tarot Card Reader and Magician is the entrancing entertainment your event is missing if you're looking for a fascinating performance and a hint of the frightening otherworldly.
Our endearingly odd fortune teller dressed in beautiful Victorian attire and transports clients to the height of spirituality by channelling the spirit of a 19th-century sance medium.
Our female magician will leave audiences spellbound as she performs walkabout magic feats in her particular cheerful yet macabre style, deftly fusing storytelling, drama, and magic.
Our charismatic fortune teller can captivate your audience with a variety of performances, including a magic stage show, close-up magic, and tarot card reading.
Our female magician's stage presentation, which includes theatrical examples of magic and the paranormal, is ideal for large crowds and will stay with attendees long after the event is over.
Our female magician's show is likely to impress visitors because she just took home the top prize at the East Coast Spirit Session USA, a magic convention focused on mind reading and unusual magical performances.
Our fortune teller's close-up magic is certain to steal the show when performing for more exclusive occasions in small settings. Our fortune teller is ideal for weddings, parties, corporate entertainment, and more. She performs amazing walkabout magic tricks and fascinating tarot card readings.
Our fortune teller's walkabout magic tricks and readings, which are ultimately intended to entertain, amuse, and intrigue visitors, will surprise them and leave them with food for thought as well as remarkably accurate and perceptive readings.
Our Tarot Card Reader and Magician will give a touch of charm and enchantment to any event setting. They are also a fantastic complement to any Victorian, Halloween, spiritual, or macabre themed parties.
Find out about the other artists on our books. One of the amazing magicians on our lengthy roster.
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