Team Building Fashion Show

Team Building Fashion Show

Team Building Fashion Show

Our team-building fashion show in Barcelona is a fun and engaging business outing that strives to introduce new talents and enhance existing abilities. This indoor team-building activity lasts for three hours and is appropriate for large gatherings of friends and coworkers.
Teams are allocated a budget to use in the on-site haberdashery at the start of the fashion workshop. a store stocked with all the necessary accessories for dressing up, such as textiles of all kinds, glitter, feathers, ribbons, and scissors.
After that, participants in this Barcelona business event must work together in their groups to create brand-new clothes using the materials they have selected. They will practise and improve their time management and communication skills during this part of the team building fashion show. While emphasising their unique skills and shortcomings and instructing them on the value of delegation.
After designs are finished, groups must build their products so they are ready for the catwalk. Here, the fashion workshop puts its creativity to the test and puts practical knowledge to the test. Success depends on teamwork and communication.
Teams also need to choreograph catwalk routines with lighting and music for this business engagement, as if that weren't enough for them to handle.
This indoor team-building activity can help your workers and colleagues practise skills they already use on a daily basis while making sure that enjoyment is also a top priority. Teams could be asked to develop concepts that adhere to a particular subject or short, or you could give them an entirely open brief to really test their ingenuity and resourcefulness.
Our fashion show for team building is entirely portable and may come to your workplace or other location. The requirements for this indoor team-building activity are straightforward. The location will need to have enough tables and chairs to seat everyone plus room for a pop-up catwalk.
Booking Advice for a Team Building Fashion Show:
An indoor multi-skilled team-building exercise
three hours of business activity
Based in Barcelona and accepting reservations across all of Spain
A fashion workshop that can be customised to fit a particular subject or short
Everything, including tools, is provided
Contact a member of the Bella Entertainment and Events team to book our team building fashion show as an indoor team building activity in Barcelona or elsewhere in Spain. They will be able to walk you through the booking process.
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