The Beatles Tribute Uk

The Beatles Tribute Uk

The Beatles Tribute Uk

The closest thing to the original you can get is this incredible Beatles tribute band! Their performance displays an obsession with accuracy in their musicianship and stage appearance as they are fully committed to providing the most authentically rendered Beatles experience.
The Beatles tribute show contains a variety of replica costumes, one for each set, and original instruments and equipment, giving the live performance that distinctive Beatles look. Even the band's stage setup was designed with realism in mind; exactly like Ringo's, the drums are placed above and behind the band! Being mostly a band of brothers, they successfully capture the onstage camaraderie that was a hallmark of every Beatles live performance.
This sincere tribute to The Beatles performs songs from their first years in Liverpool to their final years at Abbey Road Studios, and it offers a customizable song list from which customers can pick to create a set list from more than 85 tracks. The band is delighted to perform alongside a DJ if you decide to book one in addition, and they can also provide background music before, during, and after their set, if needed.
This tribute band will bring excitement and energy to theatres, corporate events, festivals, private parties, and outdoor events by performing a truly outstanding The Beatles tribute! Make a reservation for this incredible tribute band for your occasion right away.
Super Tip
Do you want to know more about the technical requirements for this band? The band supplies its own fully PAT-tested sound system and PA. Contact one of our knowledgeable entertainment consultants for additional details.

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