Think It – Move It – Believe It – Interactive Act | Science Game

Think It – Move It – Believe It – Interactive Act | Science Game

Think It – Move It – Believe It – Interactive Act | Science Game

Bella Entertainment is always looking for talents that push the envelope of what is humanly possible. We appreciate seeing adults and kids interact in enjoyable interactive performances, whether they are built on cutting edge technology or just provide an instructive entertainment option that teaches us something about the world we live in. Think It - Move It - Believe It is an exercise that includes a variety of neurological activities for team building amusement. The science games are controlled by wires that track brain activity, making telekinesis a reality. This mind-bending trick is an extremely astounding entertainment choice that will definitely get your audience thinking!
All of the neurological games in this interactive performance are controlled by the users' own mental strength using a headset-sensor. Understanding the various mental "waves," including "Alpha," which is associated with meditation, "Beta," which is associated with concentration, "Delta," which is associated with sleep, and "Theta," which is associated with dreaming, the headset is able to interpret brain signals and translate them into action within each of the games.
Scientific Games
Players may make a ball in a plastic tower rise and fall by using their imaginations to control it.
Mind Vs. Mind: Competitors must use their brains to propel a ball into the opposing player's territory while facing off against each other.
Slot Car: Players race slot cars around a track in an exhilarating sprint to the finish line using only their thoughts.
Heli-Drone: A toy helicopter is operated solely with the mind. Put it in motion or make it hover.
Music Appreciator: As the songs are played to you, observe how your preferences for various songs are mapped in colourful charts.
Our incredible neurological games offer a wide range of alternatives. Each game can be customised to meet the needs of your occasion or provide the precise educational fun you need. The interactive activities are a good alternative for both school groups and office parties, and they also make a great addition to team-building entertainment at work. All games teach players how to be in control of their own brains and harness the power we all possess to achieve incredible things. Games can be as competitive or family-friendly as you wish.
Contact our staff at Bella Entertainment today with any questions you may have about the cutting-edge Think It - Move It - Believe It. It's a completely customizable and very entertaining solution for all events.

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