Toronto Dance Group

Toronto Dance Group

Toronto Dance Group

The versatile Toronto Dance Group offers one-of-a-kind, professional dance performances with gifted dancers, colourful costumes, and upbeat music. The dance business can give a solo artist, a couple, or an entire troop of enthusiastic dancers, providing an entertainment choice for any budget, location, or event.
A stunning dancer who specialises in burlesque martini glass performances can put on a seductive acrobatic routine while wearing a huge martini glass prop. A group of show dancers dressed in Las Vegas garb who will perform around the glass may potentially join her on stage. The Martini glass act is a lively choice for nighttime events and dimly lit settings because the martini glass prop can optionally feature LED illumination.
A wide variety of other performance genres are available from our adaptable dance ensemble, including cabaret dance performances, samba dance, fairytale and carnival themes, among others. They can create custom performances to fit particular event themes and combine several acts into a variety dance performance.
This talented dancing group will tailor to your occasion with verve and plenty of jazz hands, whether you're looking for an ambient martini glass set for a business event, a complete cabaret stage show for a private party, or meet and greet showgirls for a festival. Reserve our outstanding Toronto Dance Group right away!
Super Tip!
Do you have a certain colour theme for your event? A wide range of outfits are available for our Toronto Dance Group to match all hues and themes. Ask our entertainment specialists about the choices that are now available.

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